Communications Infrastructure for the 21st Century – Is it just taken for granted?

Our Challenge:
Scalable Infrastructure for the Future

As our lives become more reliant on data, the infrastructure that houses and maintains these services is becoming more and more critical. The world needs an infrastructure that can keep pace with continuously growing demands.

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day across the globe

Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average.



A cumulative 165 million hours of Netflix are watched daily across the globe

Equivalent to a whopping 15% of the world’s bandwidth capacity



80% of contractors report difficulty finding qualified craft works for hire

Workforce shortages are one of the biggest challenges to improving wireless connectivity in rural America, period,” - Senator Jon Tester (MT)



The digital divide

62% of very rural users have poor internet

25% of US farms have no access to the internet

Source: RVA 2020 Annual Study of Network Operators & Consumer Research



A permanent pathway

Conduit systems create permanent pathways, allowing upgrades  without additional construction costs



The future is now

In order to place fiber for future growth, you need a conduit system





A future proof conduit system provides a permanent pathway allowing efficient cable placement, easy upgrade replacement, and quick access for repairs.



MicroDucts are small diameter conduits ranging from 5-22mm OD that provide a pathway for fiber cables. They are a natural evolution of standard conduits as space in networks is a premium and as new technologies develop, they typically decrease in size.





MicroDuct is bundled into an easy-to-handle unit known as FuturePath. FuturePath can be installed just like standard duct: open trench, aerial, directional drilled, plowed or pulled into an existing conduit.



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